Friday, March 30, 2012

Timmy Updates

I haven't written in my blog lately, as you can tell. Hahahahha. I often think about what to write but I never actually get around to it. Today, I thought that I would jot down a few notes and include some pictures. 

Timmy is now 7.5 months old. He is an absolute delight to Tom and I. We are so grateful to have him. This past week, he has started to army crawl on his belly and roll all over the living room. He is even able to go from laying down to sitting up by himself :) He enjoys getting into picture frames, weights, camera tripods, cords, and our glider. haha. We definitely have to keep an eye on him and say "NO" to him. I also like to say "That's not for babies. " I then proceed to move him back to his blanket with all his toys and take him away from whatever trouble he has gotten into. 

About a month ago, Tom and I moved Timothy's mattress down to its lowest setting in the crib. We figured we should prepare early for whenever he decides to attempt to crawl out of it. Just yesterday, I went to pick him up from his nap because he was making noise. I found him sitting in his crib which one arm sticking through the crib slat patting on the top of his diaper genie. Silly boy!

This past month, we had a week of great weather. It was in the 70s or 80s. I spent a lot of time outside reading, going on walks, and visiting the park. Where we live now, we have this great park within walking distance of our place. It has a swimming pool, playground, tennis courts, and much more. Tom and I took Timmy there to go try out the swings. He really enjoyed it! We also sat him on our lap and went down the slide too. 

The good weather didn't last long though. Now, it is back to being in the 30s-40s. We have also had it snow a few times this week but it hasn't stuck to the ground. I can't wait until summer fully arrives :)

I hope to write some more posts soon about my latest and greatest crafts but that is all for now ;)