Monday, October 22, 2012

Portland Day Four

So this is my last post about Portland. Woo-Hoo! I had planned on writing this post earlier but I just didn't get around to it. Oh well. At least I am writing the post now instead of waiting until a couple months from now. haha.

So my hubby's work conference got over the day before, but he still had a meeting to go to. We were not sure how long his meeting was going to be. We thought maybe it would be from 8 am - 2 pm but he didn't get out of his meeting until 5 pm. We had planned on going to the Portland Art Museum together but I ended up going with just my son. That was a riot. Ha!

Our flight was leaving at 11:30 pm that day so we had to check out of the hotel. In the morning, I just had breakfast, got ready, packed, and let Timmy take a short nap. Our check-out time at the hotel was 12 pm so I didn't check out until then. I decided to take it easy since I wouldn't have a hotel room to come back to. Once I checked out, I gave our luggage to the people at the front desk and then I was off to explore.

I took the train to get to the Portland Art Museum. The Museum was fairly easy to find. My son and I looked around at most of the Museum. It was definitely awkward for me to take him there. He didn't want to sit in his stroller for the whole time so I had to let him out in order to keep him happy. Once I let him out of his stroller, he was all over the place. It is definitely hard to keep up with both him and the stroller. Ha! On top of him being out of the stroller, he was pretty loud and all his noises echoed in the museum. I just tried to go quickly through the museum and point out things in the paintings to him. I really enjoyed seeing american, European, and paintings from artists in the West. After we got done looking at everything, I got a hot chocolate to drink while Timmy ran around outside.

 After we hung out at the museum, I started to make my way back to the hotel in order to meet up with the hubby. I had to take a bus back so I waited a while at the bus stop. Once I got near the hotel, I did a little shopping since my hubby wasn't quite done with his meeting. I bought myself a pair of running shoes and a shirt. It was well deserved. Haha.

My hubby finally got done with his meeting and we met up at the hotel. We decided to eat at the restaurant connected to the hotel. The food was pretty good but the meal was kinda crazy since the wee one was acting up. I was definitely glad once the dinner was done. After that, we made our way to the airport. Instead of taking a taxi, we decided to take the train since it was cheap.

As soon as we got checked in and through security, I lowered Timmy's stroller to the flat position in order for him to sleep. He ended up sleeping for the next two hours until we got on the plane. Tom also slept for a little bit before we boarded. I just read my kindle and made sure we didn't miss the plane.

Once we boarded the plane, Timmy kept on sleeping. I might have slept for a little bit but not much. For me, it is very hard to sleep on planes. I was glad once we finally arrived and I hope to never have to take a red-eye flight again. But, the flight wasn't nearly as bad as having to drive the 3.5 hours back home from the airport. Tom and I switched off on driving back home. At one point, we stopped to rest for a little but then I decided to just get back on the road and keep driving. We finally made it back home and slept a ton.  It took me a couple of days to feel rested.

All in all, we had a great time in Portland, Oregon. I really enjoyed exploring it and I cannot wait until I get to explore the next city we visit!!

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  1. Sweet little guy!

    I just nominated you for a little bloggy award over on my blog so check it out if you can find a second in during your travels.