Monday, October 15, 2012

Portland Day One

Before we went to Portland, I kinda had a general idea of what our week would look like and places that I wanted to go see. I tried to plan at least one place to see per day but then I had to improvise when I needed more things to do.

For Monday, my plan was to sleep in as long as possible because we had been traveling the day before. Timothy had other plans. He was up bright and early around 7:30 am. I got up and we went to eat breakfast at the hotel. The food was pretty good and it was complimentary. After we ate breakfast, I tried to find the nearest train stop to get to the Portland Zoo. We ended up taking the scenic route because I got a little lost.

Our hotel was in downtown Portland. It was also very close to the Willamette River.

After we took the scenic route, we finally made it to the train station. We had to take a 20 minute ride in order to get to the zoo. Timmy loved looking out the windows at everything that was going on.

Yes, You are correct. We are wearing matching shirts :)

The train took us to this place called Washington Park. It was really cool. Once we got out of downtown Portland, we went through a tunnel to get to our stop and then we had to take an elevator up to the top. In the Washington park area, there is the zoo, a children's museum, a forestry museum, and some other things. It was really pretty and scenic there. The zoo was also a really great zoo.

 Timmy really enjoyed seeing all the animals but he also enjoyed pushing his stroller throughout the zoo.

He liked climbing through tunnels.

He also liked getting up close and personal with the fishes.

Another favorite activity of his was to play with leaves, rocks, and such.

Along with all of those fun activities, there was also some more observing of animals.

All in all, we really enjoyed the trip to the zoo. It was Timmy's first time at the zoo so it was a lot of fun to take him there. After we were done looking at all the animals, we ate lunch at the zoo and then left. We made our way back to our hotel. Timmy took a very short nap which was tough on me because I would have loved to have slept for longer. My body was definitely aching since I got no sleep on the flight over to Portland.

After Timmy was done with his nap, we went back out again to take in all the sights. Chinatown was only a few blocks away so we walked over there. We just walked through the area and looked around. We then stumbled upon the 'Lan Su Chinese Gardens'. I decided we should go in. A tour was just starting when we went in so we listened to the tour for a little bit. After a while, I decided that a tour was just not very suitable for Timmy so we just explored on our own.

The gardens had some really neat buildings and water areas.

They also had a really cool walkway which was made up of carefully placed rocks.

 They had certain areas which were just filled with all kinds of interesting plants, bushes, small trees, bamboo, etc.

 In different buildings, they had certain displays. In one of the buildings, they had some really cool artwork. They also had another building that showed some great pottery. One of the other buildings held a tea room.

 In this building, they had a little set-up for you to try to write Chinese Calligraphy.

Below is a picture of what some of the buildings there looked like.

 Overall, I enjoyed going to the Chinese Gardens. It was so interesting to have the gardens set in the middle of downtown Portland. It was so interesting being inside the gardens and then coming outside of them to see all the tall buildings around.

After we left the gardens, we walked by the river for a little bit. In the area that we walked around, their were quite a few homeless/sketchy people around. The only non-sketchy people around the area were people who were biking/running/walking along the path by the river.

 We finally made it back to the hotel in order to meet up with Tom. Timmy played for a little while in our hotel room but then we was ready to go to bed. Tom picked up some dinner for us and then we just watched a little TV together. I also left to go swimming in the pool and hang out in the hot tub by myself. After a while, I was ready to go to bed too.

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