Friday, October 19, 2012

Portland Day Three

So for my third day in Portland, the plan was to go to the International Rose Garden and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Since I was using public transportation to get around Portland, I would usually look up what bus or train to take in order to get where I was going. That day, I didn't look up exactly where I was going. I knew that it was in the Washington Park area but I wasn't sure how far away it was going to be. Anyways, I took a train to Washington Park and then I started to walk around trying to find the Rose Garden. Well, I ended up having to walk 1.5 miles in order to get to the Rose Garden. ha-ha  I had to walk beside a road but I usually walked on the road since my stroller is not all-terrain. Luckily, there were not many cars passing by.

Road to the Rose Garden

Timmy was pretty good on the walk to the Garden. It was a bit cold on the walk over but it was a very beautiful area to walk through.

Timmy and I took a break to take a picture. I had to keep my hood on because it was cold and windy. Timmy doesn't really like hats or hoods on his head so he took his hood off. Silly baby :)

The picture below is just another view of the scenery around the road.

Before I got to the Rose Garden, I did not think about the roses still being in bloom or not since it was the beginning of October. Luckily, the roses were all in bloom and the Gardens were beautiful! The International Rose Garden also happened to be free. It was a win-win situation.

Timmy really enjoyed getting out of the stroller after our long walk and running around like a silly-head.

Looking at all of these roses definitely made me want to plant roses. Maybe some day I will. Until that time, I will just have to live vicariously through my sister-in-law Erika.

  I really had a lot of fun looking at all the roses and taking pictures of them. Their were so many different kinds of roses to see so that it why I have like a gazillion photos of roses.

 After we went to the International Rose Garden, we went to a great playground that was only a little bit away from the Garden. Timmy had a lot of fun playing there and there were lots of other kids there.

 After we left the playground, I had to go back to the hotel in order to meet up with my husband. He was going to be done with his conference for the day around lunchtime and we had plans to go to another museum. I tried to look for a bus/train in order to get back to the hotel but I didn't feel like waiting for a bus. I thought that maybe I could walk and catch a bus faster. Instead, I ended up walking for like 45 minutes and I am guessing that I walked at least 2 miles or more. Once I got back into the city, I met up with my husband to eat lunch at Subway. We then caught a bus to go to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. We walked along the river to get to the Museum.

 The Museum was kinda cool. It had a great area for younger kids. It had a bunch of different things for Timmy to do. We even got Timmy to wear a chipmunk costume.

They also had a water play area for Timmy. He wore a vest to keep his clothes dry but he still got his clothes wet. Even though he did get wet, he still had a lot of fun playing in the water.

 Their was also a grocery area with tons of play food. There was a baby area, a sand pit, an art area, and a slide to play on. Timmy definitely enjoyed the kids area and we liked it too.

After we were done playing in the kids area, we went through the rest of the museum. Throughout the museum, they had a bunch of areas where brain teasers were set up. The brain teasers were really interesting and I thought they were a lot of fun to do. One area of the museum was an exhibit about race. I was not a big fan of it. Another area was called Grossology and it was all about gross stuff happening in your body. I thought it was okay but I could see how other people wouldn't like it.

 Timmy eventually feel asleep at the museum after we got done playing in the kids area.

I would mostly say that we liked the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry because they had a lot of brain teasers, hands- on stuff, and a great kid areas. But, I was not a fan of their exhibits.

After the museum, we grabbed a quick dinner and spent the rest of the night at the hotel.


  1. Wooo...I am so jealous of your trip to the rose garden. That looks SO beautiful!! I have never seen so many different kinds of roses! I am not so jealous of having to walk like 30 miles to get around Portland, though. :) You can keep that for yourself. Ha.

  2. Jealous here too! Looks like you and your family are having a blast.