Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Portland Day Two

 For Day Two, my plan was to visit the Portland Children's Museum. It seemed like a cool place to visit. I had also never taken my son to a children's museum so I thought it would be fun to see what that was all about. Like yesterday, I had to take a train to get there since it was in the same area as the Zoo.

It was a little windy and cold when we went over there. I had to take my stroller to get to the museum. Once I got into the museum, I was able to park my stroller in a room there so that Timmy could wander about.

Once we got there, I saw that they were having  Story Time in a few minutes. We quickly made our way back to the tree house area where the story was going to be read. The museum worker read quite a few stories about fall and such. The books were all very interesting and it was pretty good.

 After story time was over, we made our way over to the 'Dig Pit'. In the 'Dig Pit', they had some tire scraps that the kids could dig into. They also had some trucks in there to play with.

Timmy liked playing with some big and small shovels. He also played with some buckets there. 

 Another area that Timmy enjoyed playing at was the grocery area. They had some shopping carts to take your stuff around in. They had also tons of play food, plates, cups, utensils, etc. There was even an area where you could check out with your play food. Timmy enjoyed picking up all the kitchen stuff and just running around with them. He also enjoyed pushing the shopping cart.

They also had another area which was the construction zone. They had cute little work vests to work. Timmy liked to pick up some wood sticks there.

Timmy was able to put on a tool belt there.

Timmy also got to try on a construction hat which was very cute.

 After the construction zone area, we went to an area where there was a train table along with a bus and ambulance. The train table was very interesting. None of the train tracks were stuck down so kids were able to move the tracks anywhere. Moving the tracks could be great for older kids but I generally like for the tracks to be stuck down.

Timmy played with the trains for a little bit.

 After the train tracks, Timmy played in a bus. He enjoyed pretending to drive the bus.

The children's museum was pretty interesting. It had plenty of areas beside the ones that I took pictures in. It also had a water area which was closed for the time. There was a baby area, a animal vet area, a clay area, a theater area, and plenty of other stuff. I thought the museum would be better for older kids. Timmy enjoyed playing with things but I definitely didn't enjoy having to pay for him. Ha!

Unfortunately, the museum's cafe area was undergoing renovations so there wasn't anywhere to eat there. The only other place close by to eat at was the Zoo. Timmy and I had lunch again at the zoo. We then made our way back to the Hotel. Timmy took an afternoon nap. He slept longer than the day before but he definitely cried in the middle of his nap. I decided to let him cry for a little bit because he needed the sleep.

After his nap, we walked to a nearby mall in order to get frozen yogurt. Vermont only has one frozen yogurt store here that I know of and it is no good. I definitely enjoyed the frozen yogurt in Portland. After we went there, we walked over to Powell's Books. The bookstore was very large and pretty cool. I picked up some books for Timmy there.

After Powell's Books, Timmy and I made our way back to the hotel in order to meet up with Tom for a little bit. Tom had to go to a meeting that night so I ordered room service for myself. Timmy went to bed pretty early and then I went to bed later on after him.

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